MUDSA Taubman College Breakfast Series with Matias Del Campo and Sandra Manninger

On Thursday August 06, MUDSA was in conversation with Matias Del Campo and Sandra Manninger, principals of SPAN Baukunst LLC, at breakfast. With contrasting morning routines, our guests shared a number of interesting things that they’re up to this summer, including “Digital Futures Workshops, Design Competitions and exploring the Urban Realm through networks of robotics”. Around the subject of Artificial Intelligence, we discussed how “it has the potential to dismantle bias” and understand how it can be humanely deployed for cultural and social human expressions. “Digitally, we can use the networks to build ‘n’ number of models as opposed to the earlier finite capacity.”

Our discussion also led to the possibility of having Global Studios that pull in students and collaborators from all over the world, where we can use remote technology to effectively test these prototypical networks. “The next studio is our dream studio”, say Matias and Sandra and we couldn’t agree more!

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