Through Conversations Podcast – Design, Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence

  • Through Conversations, by: Alex Levy
  • Length: 50 mins

Online Track


2:36 Matias’ Trajectory

7:20 What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

9:20 The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Architecture.

11:15 Will Artificial Intelligence become a new species?

13:01 Autopoiesis and Artificial Intelligence.

14:20 How can a species that has flaws, such as the human species, create another species that can reach perfection, like Artificial Intelligence?

17:10 Is reality a hallucination?

18:05 The dangers of biases within Artificial Intelligence.

22:30 Are we ready to pass the baton of agency to Artificial Intelligence?

27:25 Can Artificial Intelligence machines learn from their mistakes?

30:58 The evolution of our cities after a pandemic.

35:15 Redesigning our cities with Artificial Intelligence.

37:10 Artificial Intelligence driven politics.

38:30 Autopoiesis and Universal Basic Income.

42:00 The future of our economic systems and its implications to architecture.

46:00 The future of design and architecture.

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