Model Mine

Model Mine received UMOR-TCAUP RCI Award.

A large scale 3D model housing database for Architecture design using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks and 3D Generative Adversarial Networks.

If you are interested in joining ModelMine, fill out this form to get access.

How to contribute?

  • Step 1: Choose an attribute combination from the Google Sheet
  • Step 2: Create a mesh model based on the attribute combination
    • Make sure you follow the Mesh Constraints (below)
  • Step 3: Get your model checked from ModelMine Checker
    • Password is provided to the creators via email
  • Step 4: Submit your model on the Google Form along with the attributes

Mesh Constraints

  • Format: Your model must be an “.obj” file
  • Vertices: Mesh must be highly detailed (number of vertices > 10,000)
  • Faces: Mesh must have triangular faces (faces made with 3 vertices)
  • Watertightness: It is preferred to have watertight meshes (optional)
  • Range: All the coordinates should be greater than “0” with one it’s extreme at origin
  • Scale: Must be 1 to 1 in meters

Modeling Tutorial

Check the tutorial page in Notion.

Rhino 7 + MeshLab Tutorial